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Advance Notice – Digital Infrastructure Delivery Partner

The opportunity
This Advance Notice is a heads-up that Southern DHB plans to advertise an RFP for a digital Infrastructure Delivery Partner (IDP) in July 2022. This is for the logistics and outpatient buildings (Stage 1) and inpatient building (Stage 2) digital infrastructure assets of the New Dunedin Hospital. This will be a sizeable contract, worth in excess of $60 Million, and will encompass procurement, installation and commissioning of all Group 2 and 3 equipment for the New Dunedin Hospital.

What we need
The IDP will be responsible for the procurement and delivery of suitable products (by themselves or via subcontractors) to meet the infrastructure design specifications for Group 2 and 3 equipment for the New Dunedin Hospital. Group 2 and 3 equipment includes all ‘active’ digital infrastructure, such as wired and wireless network, local servers, unified communications, digital wayfinding, virtual care, audio visual, end user devices, inpatient engagement system, check in kiosks, etc.

At this stage, we see the in-scope activities of the IDP including:

  • Managing the end-to-end procurement process, including any supplier design work and prototyping.
  • Managing supplier site access, installation, asset tagging, and required technical environment changes for all digital infrastructure and systems.
  • Managing digital infrastructure testing, user training, and post-go-live support.
  • Managing the transition of the new digital infrastructure into operations.
  • Working with the Ministry of Health’s Main Contractor(s) (MC) throughout the NDH build to align delivery timelines and manage dependencies and risk.

We want to use a ‘prime’ contracting model with the IDP, i.e., one supplier will be engaged to deliver the outcome[1].

Other information:

We can’t confirm a contract without approval of SDHB’s Detailed Business Case (DBC). The DBC is to go to government later in the year, but we’re progressing this procurement to avoid undue delays.

What’s important to us?
We’ll be seeking respondents with experience in delivering large digital infrastructure services. You’ll have a wide network of trusted suppliers and a proven ability to build and maintain contractual relationships, and a track record of working collaboratively with your contracting parties.

You’ll have systems and processes in place to manage a contract of this size – including, for example, health and safety – and you’ll have access to products that meet our functional and non-functional requirements. Your staff and/or subcontractors will be experienced and key members of your project team will have capacity and capability to meet delivery timelines.

If you’re offering services as a consortia, we’ll need to know that your relationships are sustainable and stable. This means we’ll need to understand how long you’ve been working together and how you manage issues and risks.

We don’t want to partner with multiple parties, so if you’re offering a consortia bid, you’ll need to provide us with a single entity. If that entity is a new, stand-alone entity (for example, if you’ve created it for the purposes of this bid), we’ll need parent company guarantees.

Equity is important to us, and is core to the entire SDHB digital programme.

We’ll provide more information on our requirements in the RFP.

Why should you bid?
The successful respondent will be able to participate in the creation of the New Dunedin Hospital. This will be a landmark building, providing significant benefits to the people of Otago and Southland. Your subcontracting will create jobs, develop skills and result in a beautiful, state-of-the-art hospital.

The contract could lead to future opportunities. We see the digital Infrastructure Delivery Partner model as likely to become the default contractual framework for most digital infrastructure across a planned series of hospital redevelopments[2] – in other words, it’s likely that going forward, most new hospital buildings will use Infrastructure Delivery Partners.  The New Dunedin Hospital will provide the successful respondent with a fantastic reference site.

You will be a trusted partner, able to innovate.
We are planning our timelines so the successful respondent will be able to use their knowledge and expertise to inform the process; we want the successful respondent to provide feedback to the detailed design. We won’t be using a cookie-cutter contract either; we’ll be developing a contract with the market. We want very much to work in partnership with the successful respondent.

Interested? What’s next?
Over the next few months, we’ll be developing a contract pro-forma. We’ll be inviting feedback on these contractual terms through a Request for Information (RFI). The RFI will be advertised on GETs.

We will also send fortnightly updates and information to interested parties, so if you’d like to receive these emails, please sign up to our mailing list(external link) (Please note that this email list is purely for engagement only: it won’t constitute an approach to market.)

We may hold a supplier briefing session when our timelines are confirmed. Dates and times of this briefing will be advertised on GETS.

If you’re interested in responding to the tender opportunity, please make sure your tender watch codes are up to date.

If you have any questions, please contact the procurement representative: Rachel.stedman@southerndhb.govt.nz


[1] Prime contracting is a contract where a client enters into a relationship with a contractor who provides a single point of contact (prime contract) for a supply chain, to deliver one or more projects.

[2] More information on the national asset management plan can be found at the Ministry of Health here: https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/health-infrastructure-unit-hiu/asset-management-and-analysis

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