The next stage of the New Dunedin Hospital project will begin shortly with the removal of hazardous materials from the old Cadbury factory.  
Programme Director, Mike Barns, says while we're very aware of the consenting process with the Dunedin City Council in respect of the heritage facades, there are harmful materials, such as asbestos, lead paint, as well as redundant plant equipment, that need to be removed. This work doesn’t require resource consent.
"The team will construct scaffolding and create openings on the northern side of the building to gain access to the factory floors," says Mike Barns.
"The plant was originally installed from the southern end of the factory, but development around the building over the years and the size of cranes being used make it impossible to remove the plant and asbestos from any other location.
“This is a substantial job and the removal method has been developed with safety of the community and all those involved being our first priority. This work, along with the strip out of the Cadbury buildings' interior is expected to take around six months.
"The project team have submitted an application for consent with the Council to demolish the heritage facades of the Cadbury factory. We're very mindful of this process and we are conscious that the Cadbury factory is a significant piece of Dunedin history.
“There will be no demolition of the heritage facades unless and until we get the necessary approval.  However, the scale of the New Dunedin Hospital makes it impossible to fit it on the site and still retain the old building," said Mike Barns.

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