What is Hira?

Hira is a te reo Māori word that means ‘to have a significant bearing on future events’, or to have a ‘widespread effect’.

Hira will be the connector of people’s health and wellbeing information – like the medicines they are on, the vaccinations they have had, and their lab results. It will enable information to be pulled from different systems to create a single view – similar to online banking.

Why we need Hira

  • Currently, health and wellbeing information is stored in different places, in different formats, and can be difficult to access and use effectively.
  • People and whānau often have to repeat their health information and history a number of times to different service providers and cannot easily access that information themselves.
  • Health care providers can’t always get a full picture of a person’s health to enable them and the consumer to make the best treatment decisions.
  • It can be difficult for policy makers, researchers and planners to get the latest information to base their advice and thinking on.

Benefits of Hira

  • Hira will enable health information to be delivered to all New Zealanders where and when they need it, and allow people to have better access to their own health information.
  • Health care providers will be better supported to make care decisions, because they will have access to a person’s virtual health record, when they need it.
  • The digital health industry will have opportunities to use information and services in new and innovative ways, and to trial new approaches to delivering health services.
  • Better information will help policy makers, planners and researchers to improve equity and system performance.

Co-design with Māori

Hira is being co-designed with Māori in a way that embraces te ao Māori ideals and practices.

The co-design work has oversight from rōpū Te Rangapū Tiriti, which also contributes to decision making on the overall Hira Programme, and is directly involved in the programme mahi.

Together with iwi, rangatahi, whānau, community groups and health care providers we’re building networks, setting priorities and exploring new ways for Hira to support hauora and enable mana motuhake and tino rangatiratanga.

Consumers and whānau at the centre

Creating Hira is a community effort made possible through strong partnerships between people and whānau across regions, the health, disability and social services sectors, and the digital health industry.

The Hira team works closely with communities to find out what their health information needs are. This information is shared with those designing and building Hira. Insights are gathered to ensure that what is built matches what is needed. This includes understanding the current barriers for sharing and using health information, so these barriers can be addressed in the design of Hira.

How Hira will be delivered

Hira is being delivered across three overlapping stages or ‘tranches’. Each tranche will deliver new services and functionality while also improving the services delivered by previous tranches. 

Tranche one is underway. When it is completed New Zealanders and health care providers will be able to access important health information, such as:

  • personal details
  • COVID-19 vaccinations
  • prescribed and dispensed medicines
  • health and wellbeing entitlements
  • summary primary care information
  • health service providers
  • diagnostic test results.

By the end of tranche one in about mid-2024, we will have in place many of the elements of Hira needed to lay the foundations for a digitally enabled health and disability system.

Pātiki and Waharua Kōpito patterns

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