AIR Facilities Manager Overview

The facility manager role has been created to allow you as a health provider to have control of who is able to use the AIR to record vaccinations at your site(s). A facility is a single site where vaccinations are provided.  

Facility managers can search the system for authenticated AIR users and assign (or unassign) them to their site as needed. For example, if you have a new vaccinator starting at your facility, and they have completed their AIR sign up and identity verification, you will be able to search for them and approve them to use the AIR and vaccinate at your site.  

To learn more about the role of a facility manager view the video below. 

Onboarding Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why have we chosen pharmacy to be the first cohort to use the vaccinator portal and when can other providers sign up?

The AIR vaccinator portal is still in its early stages of development and has limited capability. As the functionality evolves, other sector users will be invited to come onboard. To stabilise the NIR we are looking for opportunities to limit the number of users who engage with the NIR daily, while also mitigating impacts of operating two registers. By focusing on pharmacy first we can limit the demand on the NIR and make sure that it can continue to operate until it is replaced by the AIR.


The AIR vaccinator portal was piloted by a few Māori and Pacific community providers. Feedback from the pilot, and ongoing engagement, is being used to ensure that the AIR is developed to meet the needs of community providers.


During the first few months of 2023, we will work to onboard and train the vaccinating workforce, excluding those in general practice. This includes community providers, occupational health providers and other groups who do not work with a patient management system that is connected to the NIR.


If you are using a patient management system, we are working with your health software vendor to ensure these systems can connect to AIR and there is no need for you to sign up as a user of the AIR vaccinator portal.

As a user of the AIR, how do I sign up to use the AIR at more than one site?

Once you complete your sign up for one site and can access the AIR vaccinator portal you can request access to additional sites. The facility manager will need to approve your request for each site. You will only need one login to access the AIR vaccinator portal. However, you may need to change the site you are working at once you are logged in.

Where do I find my HPI facility code that is needed for sign-up?

You can find the HPI-F code for each facility in a spreadsheet located on the Ministry of Health website: Facility code table | Ministry of Health NZ. You can search the spreadsheet for the name of your facility and note the associated HPI-F code.

What do the different roles within the AIR vaccinator portal mean?

There are a range of roles across the AIR system. The roles and their functions are described below:



  • Someone who both vaccinates and records vaccinations with no supervision


Vaccinator Recorder:

  • Someone who records vaccinations but does not administer them


Vaccinating Health Worker:

  • Someone who is registered under the Te Whatu Ora vaccinating health worker programme 
  • Someone who administers vaccinations under supervision


Facility Manager:

  • Someone who grants access to authenticated AIR users who have requested to be use the AIR at their site  
  • Someone who ensures that all an employer has completed the necessary identify and qualification checks to allow a user to use the AIR at their site 
  • Someone who ‘unassigns’ any AIR users that no longer work at their site 

Can I sign up as a vaccinator and a facility manager?

Yes, and you will only ever need one login to the AIR to perform these roles. Once you complete your sign up as a facility manager and can access the AIR you will then be able to request another role at your site. As the facility manager you will be able to approve this access. For example, if you sign up as a facility manager, then once you get your access to the AIR you can also assign yourself a vaccinator role.

How do I become a facility manager if I signed up first as a vaccinator?

If the site already has a facility manager then they will approve this access for you. If the site does not already have a facility manager and you should hold this role, please email the help desk on and ask to have facility manager role added to your profile.

What if My Health Account is under a different surname?

We recommend signing up to the AIR using the email address that you want to use to login and receive AIR communications. If your My Health Account uses a different email address, choose from the options outlined below:


Option 1: Change the email address on your existing My Health Account from your personal email address to your professional email address. This will mean you will need to use your professional email address when you log in to both your professional and personal applications (e.g. both AIR and My Covid Record). It is important to note that this data is separated in our system to protect your privacy.


Option 2: Create a separate My Health Account using your professional email address. This will mean you will have two My Health Accounts (each with different email address and password). You may also need to repeat some of the processes needed to verify your new professional account (as you did with your original personal account).


Option 3: Sign-up to the AIR via the email pathway (the alternative to using My Health Account) and use your professional email address.