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We're seeking input from people who work in the system that places, co-ordinates, trains and supports students completing work placements in the health sector, including education providers.

If you are involved in the health student placement system, either as an education provider or in the health system, we are interested in hearing your perspective on how the system works and what can be improved.

There are various ways you can provide input. The first of these is an online survey of people involved in coordinating student placements to help us gain an accurate picture of the current state.

Pātiki and Waharua Kōpito patterns

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There is an urgent need to develop a student placement system that will enable us to grow the skilled, sustainable, diverse and responsive health workforce needed in Aotearoa.

Better access to placements means more students can be enrolled in health-related courses and that means the health sector is supported with more trained professionals.

A detailed current state analysis is being conducted through targeted engagement and other research, for completion by March 2023. This analysis will then be used to develop a detailed business case by May 2023.

Following approval of the business case and confirmation of the scope and system requirements, a new system will be designed and discussed with the people who work within it.

Further information about this work can be found in the Information Sheet below.

Download: Download the Information Sheet (PDF) - PDF, 376 KB

Find out more about the work being carried out to develop and design the new student placement system.

Providing feedback or asking questions

Please feel free to check the information sheet for further details, fill in the survey or email any questions or suggestions to placementmodel@health.govt.nz